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Happy B’day


Happy B’daySize-6x4Wishing you a day full of lovely surprises-4.3x.8cm, Happy b’day-2.4×1.1cm, Chocolate-.8x2cm, Mike-1.5x3cm, Cake-3.3×4.8cm, Mask-2.6×1.3cm, Bowgift-2.8x3cm, Crown-1.8x3cm, Balloons-2.8×3.3cm, Cup cake-2.3×2.5cm, Campainge bottle with glass-1.7×3.5cm, Flower bouquet-1.5×2.8cm, HB2U-2.7X1cm, Numbers each-6×1.3cm, Hanging-2.7×1.3cm.

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